GLEAM SUSTAINABLE EVENTS began just like any other events company. I had worked weddings, corporate events, and backyard block parties for groups of all sizes. My motto was "spare no expense" because I am committed to making your event gleam

While that is still true, years in this industry shined a light on the sad state of affairs that happens at the back of the house. Your hundred dollar floral arrangements and chaffing dishes full of uneaten food get thrown in the dumpster. The carefully curated gifts you chose for your guests to remember your event get left behind for the landfill along with the unrecycled glass and trash. 

The events industry is an industry of waste.

Yet, we have to admit that the world needs celebrations. We need good food and a reason to find joy in the little moments. I am the first to find a reason to invite people over and pop a bottle of champagne. We all need a party sometimes. So in lieu of giving up a good time, I decided to re-brand GLEAM to be the kind of change I want to see. 

As the business grows, it is our goal to create the needed organizations where they do not yet exist, and hopefully lead others to create events in a similar way. One small business cannot do it alone, but together we can leave something of this earth for our children to enjoy.

Here's to raising a glass to our future.